Hello, my name is Jessica.


I’m a New York native currently working out of Washington, DC as a Mom Boss. Basically, I'm a wedding planner who moves quite frequently, so I work from home and travel for my clients while being a stay at home Mom. Family is everything to me so my little boy and my husband always come first. You'll be a close second, as most of my clients become my friends. You'll see for yourself!

I started my company, House of Pata, in Savannah, GA where I lived and worked for four years. My husband's job moved us up North so I had to change a few things to make it work from 500+ miles away, but I've nailed down the logistics and it's still flourishing. I just love my Savannah weddings and Southern brides way too much to give it up! I'm the latest and greatest "Traveling Planner", haven't you heard? Best thing is, I am now open to going anywhere in the US for your wedding. Just ask.

My goal for this blog is to inspire you through my work and vision and most importantly for you to get to know me. I hope that my future clients enjoy what they see and use this as a way to put their trust in me, even if we aren't close by. 

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